"It Tastes Fresh!"

After several years of research and development, in collaboration with the North Carolina State University in Raleigh and the USDA Agricultural Research Service's Food Science Research unit, Yamco was built, a state-of-the-art process facility utilizing patented microwave technology that produces purees of unsurpassed quality.

Our puree's are of the highest color, flavor and nutritional value retention. Yamco purees are superior to any puree on the market today. 

There are no additives or preservatives used in our process.

Yamco is 100% Grower Owned.

We don't just buy raw materials here and there, our owners are our suppliers. We have a just in time delivery program, ensuring Yamco only utilizes the freshest raw materials available. 

Most importantly this allows for quick and efficient traceability to the grower's and their fields.

Aseptic packaging requires no costly freezing or refrigerated storage
• Significant Labor and energy savings
• No time and “labor” consuming moving of product from freezers to thaw
• No tin cans to open or dispose of
• Excellent color retention
• Exceptional nutritional retention
• Extended shelf life
• Consistent solids and brixs
• Our only ingredient is fresh produce
• Kosher and A.I.B. certified

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